Paralegal Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Paralegal?

Paralegal in Austin:
"Pretty Much A Dream Job."
Pros: I like that I get to use my brain, instead of brawn (which is waning). There is purpose to everything I do, and I feel I am well suited for that purpose. I especially grateful that my job has a great deal of flexibility, since I have an chronic health condition and must work around treatments.
Cons: I'm doing a few activities that were not a part of my job description. I am having to create some projects from the ground up, but sometimes feel rushed to provide results. I am spending more time supervising other employees than I expected.

Paralegal in Tucson:
"Flexible work schedule, complex tasks and responsibilities."
Pros: The freedom to work independently. I can always ask for guidance or clarification if I need it. Everyday is a learning process. My attorney provides the opportunity to grow in my career field.
Cons: I am the only assistant, no legal secretary or other paralegals. Only one attorney in the office. Not the most interesting area of law to work in.

Paralegal in Kansas City:
"Works well under pressure and knows litigation inside/out."
Pros: The responsibility I am entrusted with.
Cons: The lack of decent pay is frustrating.

Paralegal in San Francisco:
"Let's see how I am doing."
Pros: The learning process and the location.
Cons: The team, the mess, that I am ready for more.

Paralegal in Atlanta:
Pros: Gaining experience and knowledge in the law field.
Cons: Underpaid.

Paralegal in San Francisco:
Cons: Long hours, no appreciation, high demand, high stress, management.

Paralegal in Las Vegas:
"Fantastic experience."
Pros: Fantastic experience. Variety of work.
Cons: Stress and occasional long hours.