Paralegal Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Paralegal?

Paralegal in Denver:
Attorneys are jerks. So are business owners. No one cares or appericates your work.

Paralegal in San Francisco:
"Let's see how I am doing."
Pros: The learning process and the location.
Cons: The team, the mess, that I am ready for more.

Paralegal in Los Angeles:
"A learning experience."
It gets easier with practice. Be professional, and willing to assist as needed.

Paralegal in Albany:
Listen, take notes & ask questions.

Paralegal in Atlanta:
Pros: Gaining experience and knowledge in the law field.
Cons: Underpaid.

Paralegal in San Francisco:
Cons: Long hours, no appreciation, high demand, high stress, management.

Paralegal in Las Vegas:
"Fantastic experience."
Pros: Fantastic experience. Variety of work.
Cons: Stress and occasional long hours.