Pastor Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Cedar Rapids?

Pastor in Cedar Rapids:
Pros: All work is respected. There isn't much of a class system within the employed.
Cons: This is a blue collar community. There aren't many people with graduate degrees in humanity related fields of study.

Pastor in Childersburg:
"Love the people, love God."
Build relationships that are based on love and integrity.

Pastor in Buffalo:
"Balance and time management a a must."
Know your limit. Utilize job descriptions and accountability. Proper rest is important.

Pastor in Palm Desert:
"You must be well-grounded!"
If you're called (by God and by a congregation) to serve as a pastor, not only are a deep biblical understanding and a love of helping people important, it is also crucial for your sense of identity and worth to stem directly from faith in a God who loves you and the world unconditionally. You'll be called upon to nurture and to challenge -- and your people will challenge you as well. Only a rock-solid faith can keep you focused on the vision for the congregation.

Pastor in San Antonio:
"Know before you go."
If you can do something else, do it!

Pastor in Otis:
"Good preaching."
Visitation is a priority; Prepare well for preaching and bible study teaching.

Pastor in Lisbon:
"Go called."
Stay true to God stay true to the Bible love your people the hardest best job in the world.