Patient Care Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Patient Care Technician at Fresenius Medical Care?

Patient Care Technician in Butte:
"Terrible Communication, Wonderful Patients."
Pros: My experience at Fresenius is ending with mixed emotions. The patients I have encountered have all been amazing. Many of the people I have had as co-workers have also been wonderful and true assets to our little community. Coming to work and facing new challenges every day is something I have come to love. Watching patients smile makes my day.
Cons: The management team in our facility has made our jobs near impossible to achieve our mission statement. Also, they have made the atmosphere very bleak. This is the hardest environment I have ever worked in. I believe in working "smarter, not harder." Everytime I try to bring new ideas to the table they get shot down. This is a very discouraging place to work.

Patient Care Technician in Birmingham:
"Working as a Pct.."
Pros: I like the exposure and hospital experience, considering I am in nursing school. Being exposed to basic tasks allows me to function as a nursing student, more efficiently. Also, seeing illnesses of all kinds is good exposure for medsurg.
Cons: Pcts are underpaid, and even worse in some places, over others. And some places really overwork their pcts with maxed patients and overflow. It can be quite stressful at times.

Patient Care Technician in Jefferson City:
Pros: There are quite a few things to like about the position like getting to help out patients when they especially need to have you around. You can learn alot about medicine from the nurses and doctors around the hospital its a great position to begin a medical career. Many people have done so.
Cons: There is quite a heavy load of work required for patient care technians. The work is very aerobic, lots of running around and a good amount of endurance is required for all that one does. There is a lot of lifting like lifting thats not really like regular weight lifting with barbells. But this is not the most physical job I have ever had, I worked in a warehouse loading boxes and I worked harder. I worked more physically as an overnight cook at McDonalds. The very worst aspect is that there is no ability to progress in this job without traditional education. If you don't intend to work as a nurse you may find yourself doing this job a long time because there is nothing else you can do in your area that pays as well that isn't back breaking labour, which will find a person who wants to achieve something better being very disappointed.

Patient Care Technician in Washington:
"Tough work but rewarded in love."
Pros: Interacting with patients. Making a difference.
Cons: Overworked. Understaffed. Commute. Hours.

Patient Care Technician in Rochester:
Pros: The variety of patients and teams of care providers we work with. Also I am able to assist with surgical procedures.
Cons: I do not like the number of patients that are scheduled for burn clinic. Between 30 and 70 patients. Typically they have 3 or 4 rooms to use for seeing the patients. It is very, very stressful for all involved.

Patient Care Technician in Detroit:
"I like the benefits."
Pros: I enjoy working with my patients and most of all the pediatric and young adult unit. I like listening to my patients talk about the advanced technology that they use at school and home. I learn new things from my patients.
Cons: The least is not getting raises every year.

Patient Care Technician in Grand Rapids:
"Chaotic and stressful."
Pros: Job security.
Cons: They expect people to work under extreme stress for little pay. Reduce hours so hourly people have a hard time meeting their bills. Expect you to enjoy making little money because you like helping others. They only give less than 1% raise annually to hourly staff pct's who perform the actual job.basically tell you to take it or leave it. Corporate are quick to give them self a raise.