Patient Care Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Patient Care Technician?

Patient Care Technician in Rochester:
Pros: The variety of patients and teams of care providers we work with. Also I am able to assist with surgical procedures.
Cons: I do not like the number of patients that are scheduled for burn clinic. Between 30 and 70 patients. Typically they have 3 or 4 rooms to use for seeing the patients. It is very, very stressful for all involved.

Patient Care Technician in Detroit:
"I like the benefits."
Pros: I enjoy working with my patients and most of all the pediatric and young adult unit. I like listening to my patients talk about the advanced technology that they use at school and home. I learn new things from my patients.
Cons: The least is not getting raises every year.

Patient Care Technician in Dallas:
Pros: LOve people and the team.
Cons: Stress.

Patient Care Technician in Allen Park:
Pros: I like working as a team. I love the one on one interaction with residents. I love being able to help the elderly that are not able to do the daily living activities on their own.
Cons: Hours being cut short. Company does not work with you.

Patient Care Technician in Rochester:
"More Work, No More Pay."
Pros: Nurses that I work with are like family.
Cons: Very stressful, pulled in ten directions at once, responsible for way more than I am compensated for.

Patient Care Technician in Sacramento:
"I love it."
Pros: Taking care of people, three day work weeks.

Patient Care Technician in New York:
Pros: Meeting different people every day.
Cons: Getting paid less.