Baptist Hospital Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Houston?

Patient Care Technician in Houston:
Pros: i like the many chances there are to grow
Cons: how mean patients can be

Patient Care Technician in Fort Worth:
Pros: So many different things to do, cultures are a dime a dozen, need to be on your toes to stay ahead.
Cons: Snobby people. Upper middle class feel like the Trump admin around here.

Patient Care Technician in Houston:
"I love the growth involved."
Pros: I love my job and the growth involved in it, I believe my experience here will make me a great nurse !:)

Patient Care Technician in Birmingham:
"Best part of the job is working with the patients !!"
Pros: What I like most about working at UAB is meeting the diverse patient population, and providing care to some of them. Seeing them recover and progress from trauma is very rewarding. The hospital offers a lot to help with working in a stressful environment, such as: yoga, hospital walking trail, health rewards, nutrition and wellness classes, and mental health therapy. The educational assistance program is a plus, you only pay for your books, online fees, student parking, and other fees.
Cons: Poor leadership and communication across the board. Not everyone grasp UAB core values, they speak them, but actions always speak louder words. Managers show preferential treatment based on race and if you fit into the unit's click. You have a lot of people with degrees and titles, but no leadership skills. The really great nurses are the ones who worked as CNA/Techs while completing nursing school.

Patient Care Technician in Fairborn:
"The little clinic."
Pros: A nice company to work for, must know the ins & outs of the management.
Cons: How a lot of the departments are out of state I.e. ( scheduling, HR..)

Patient Care Technician in NV:
"Rachel the hemodialysis tech."
Pros: Always something different and giving life.
Cons: Schedulers are quite combative.

Patient Care Technician in Salem:
Pros: My patients.
Cons: The pay is not good.