Payroll Administrator Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Payroll Administrator in Pretoria:
"When your at work do the best out of it."
To concertrate and do their job.

Payroll Administrator in Atlanta:
"Multistate payroll laws."
Join American Payroll Association.

Payroll Administrator in Richmond:
"How much work was involved before accepting job."
Make sure you keep the wage negotiable.

Payroll Administrator in Illinois City:
"Technology is important in payroll."
Work with a company that is using up to date software and technology.

Payroll Administrator in Wilmington:
"Payroll/Billing Administrator."
Make sure you know your job responsibilities before taking the job and what your salary should be. I am titled "Administrative Assistant" but I do Payroll, ADP Certified and work on Quick Books. I should have a higher salary.

Payroll Administrator in Madison:
"Payroll has changed."
Payroll for a weekly blue collar company can be very stressful. Blue collar companies tend to focus on their field workers or manufacturer workers. There are several hard deadlines on a weekly basis. It is very important to be accurate and organized. No one likes to have errors on their checks.

Payroll Administrator in Lansing:
"How much the company would grow."
Start by keeping organized. Don't be afraid to let the owner know exactly what you do and how long it takes. If you don't then it is just taken for granted that everything gets done and when you want to be compensated for everything fairly it is harder to prove your point. In other words, keep the owner in the time sheet loop.