Payroll Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Payroll Clerk?

Payroll Clerk in Russellville:
Pros: small town
Cons: far from children

Payroll Clerk:
Managers do not follow through. Seem to do more for new emp!oyees than for employees with years of service. Benefits are very good. Compensation is on low end for what is expected. Seem to have a revolving door difficulty keeping key people.

Payroll Clerk in Wenatchee:
"Great community."
Pros: close to friends and family

Payroll Clerk in Toledo:
"Negotiate higher salary to begin."
Have an assistant.

Payroll Clerk in Erie:
"There was no room for advancement."
Be sure you are aware of your duties, and other as assigned.

Payroll Clerk in Los Angeles:
"Pay increases."
I wish I knew that the pay increases we're not based on ability but only on a percentage each year.

Payroll Clerk in Indianapolis:
"I hate it."
Pros: Benefits.
Cons: People I work with.