Payroll Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Payroll Coordinator?

Payroll Coordinator in High Point, North Carolina:
"The city is great."
Pros: Close to all immenities for a nice life
Cons: Folks can't drive

Payroll Coordinator in Cincinnati, Ohio:
Pros: Nothing
Cons: Traffic/Commute

Payroll Coordinator:
For me it’s Close to home and has a flexible schedule for my position. 4x as many upper management as similar long term care facilities . Very low pay for lower level employees. Good benefits (medical and pto)

Payroll Coordinator in Birmingham:
"Little to no advancement."

Payroll Coordinator in Fort Wayne:
Pros: Co-workers, management, benefits, processing payroll.
Cons: NA.

Payroll Coordinator in Southfield:
"Ok place."
Pros: Not bad area, safe.
Cons: Long commute.

Payroll Coordinator in Cambridge:
"Concentration is Key."
Attention to detail is a big plus. Being able to prioritize and do multiple things at once is required. Ability to train with all levels of people very helpful. Check and double check for accuracy.