Payroll Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Payroll Manager in Shepherdsville:
Be understanding on all mistakes made, you are dealing with peoples money, and some live check to check and can not afford your mistake.

Payroll Manager in Arlington:
Never stop learning. Keep up to date on changing laws and new technology. Stay organized, schedule your time as much as possible, but be flexible. Make time for the employees.

Payroll Manager in Shreveport:
"Payroll Law."
When I first started out I wish I would have known the rules and regs of payroll administration. It helps if you are proficient in Word and Excel. It also helps if you are an organized person and flexible because of all the interruptions you will experience in the job. You must be a patient person with a thick skin and be a people person.

Payroll Manager in San Francisco:
Work hard and keep up to date on payroll happenings.

Payroll Manager in Houston:
"Most Important Least Known Job in Company."
Keep your team, happy, informed, and empowered. Guide them, but don't tell them what to do.

Payroll Manager in Palo Alto:
"Reporting To HR May Not Be The Correct Dept. For Payroll."
Know who you can go to for assistance if you are not sure. Nobody has all the answers, you don't know their practices and procedures; have the knowledge of payroll is not enough. Payroll must be accurate at all times. It is very important that you don't feel you must do it alone. You should always have a go to person within your company that can help, Report to someone that has a back ground in the same field they manage. Your fundamentals of payroll, software and customer service is the most valuable skills you can have. Then follows, critical thinking, communication and project management.

Payroll Manager in Philadelphia:
"Payroll Can Be A Rewarding Job As Never Boring."
Give yourself enough time to get acquainted with your staff as well as any support system you may have. Be flexible with your staff especially if they are a devoted group.