Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA)?

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in Redwood Falls:
"Small town USA."
Pros: It is quiet here and slower paced. The health care system works well and most everyone knows everyone.
Cons: Everyone knows everyone.

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in Chester:
"It is good."
Pros: I am at home and I don't have far to drive to my clients.I don"
Cons: I don't have anything least to say about chester.

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in Houston:
"I Love working with Elderly Residents in Houston Texas."
Pros: The smiles on there face when there having a good day. When there having a bad day the effect I can have on changing there day around. Sometimes not all the time.
Cons: I am 5 minutes from work so I can't even complain about traffic.

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in Harrisonburg:
Pros: Clients always fairly close to home mostly able to make own schedule.
Cons: No benefits, or vacation time, sick time.

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in Essex:
"How diverse the duties are."
Learn and observe.

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in Reno:
Don't get comfortable being a pca, its easy to to, before u know it 30 years have past and your still making 11.50 an hour with no benefits.

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in Nashville:
"I love it, it's the best jobs I've ever had."
Pros: I like that the staff is very kind, respect and understanding. And if a problem comes up it is handled the right way.
Cons: The hourly pay.stress.