Personal Trainer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Personal Trainer in Wasilla?

Personal Trainer in Wasilla:
"It's a great job to work with a vast variety of people and t."
Pros: It's close to home.
Cons: Not big of a client pull as Anchorage.

Personal Trainer in Orange:
"Is growth within the company an option?"
Learn as much as you can and find out how to communicate to each client and be sincere. Be open to coaching, and if your employer promises you a raise be sure to get it in writing.

Personal Trainer in San Francisco:
"Flexibility but no benefits."
Pros: Flexible time, setting the hours to provide training. Great variety and new problems to solve daily. Rewarding in customer service.
Cons: No paid time off, no retirement plan prearranged. When time off is taken it is a double negative of not working and paying expenses. Only so many hours in the day to work.

Personal Trainer in Albuquerque:
Pros: I like my job because I can stay in the gym.
Cons: I like everything about my job. Maybe if it was somewhere it may be a little better.

Personal Trainer in Arlington:
"It is the best job I've ever had."
Pros: Meeting new people everyday and making sales in a fast paced environment.
Cons: Early morning hours.

Personal Trainer in Overland Park:
"Be smart."
Never stop learning and don't hurt your clients.

Personal Trainer in Port St. Lucie:
"Personal Trainer."
Pros: Great mix of people.
Cons: Pay is low.