CVS / Pharmacy Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Pharmacy Technician at CVS / Pharmacy?

Pharmacy Technician in Nashville:
"Hectic! Sometimes Understaffed!"
Pros: Customers are Friendly and Some Employees are my Friends!
Cons: Sometimes Demanding! Often don't get a Response when Calling for Assistance!

Pharmacy Technician in Augusta:
"Life in hell."
Pros: Working with the medicine and coworkers.
Cons: Every thing else, mainly how the company company doesn't care about the little people.

Pharmacy Technician in Spring Hill:
"Corporate, highly stressful, good hours."
Pros: Helping provide people with the medications that help them live out fairly comfortable days.
Cons: The stress, co-workers not cooperating, not many benefits, the pay.

Pharmacy Technician in Lewisville:
"Over worked, impossible expectations."
Pros: Working with people and training new employees.
Cons: Understaffed, high turnover rate. Not respected. Impossible demands, set up for failure.

Pharmacy Technician in Murrieta:
Pros: I'm good at it. I have a great bond with most of my patients as we are a neighborhood pharmacy. Work with a great team.
Cons: The company is horrible. They treat employees like garbage, making us do the workload of 4 people. We're so short staffed we can't give our customers the care and attention they should be getting at a health facility. Too much focus on scores and numbers.

Pharmacy Technician in Demopolis:
"It's a learning experience."
Pros: The learning process.
Cons: Attitudes from people who are at fault and favoritism.

Pharmacy Technician in Newhall:
Pros: Ability to help people.
Cons: No breaks.