Pharmacy Technician Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Pharmacy Technician in Wasilla:
"Elderly care."
Long hours standing on your feet work through brakes care about the people you serve the very careful to not make mistakesvery stressful.

Pharmacy Technician in Plano:
"All oppurtunities in this field."
Research the position in its entireity.

Pharmacy Technician in Gardena:
"Dealing with cranky sick public (Spanish language a plus)"
Short term job best, try to do something more with your life. Don't be satisfied with a technician job.

Pharmacy Technician in Lewisburg:
"High Stress."
Insurance issues are difficult to solve.

Pharmacy Technician in Santa Monica:
"Make Sure You Have Health Benefits."
Make sure you receive health insurance. Will there be overtime? Are you going to be the only technician typing and processing rxs? What will your primary duties be? Will your duties change from day to day with another employees?

Pharmacy Technician in Sioux Falls:
To be able to communicate with the public on all levels and work at a very fast pace and need to have the sense of not making mistakes as you are dealing with the customers life.