Physical Therapist Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Physical Therapist Assistant?

Physical Therapist Assistant in Upland:
Keep learning- Be a team player.

Physical Therapist Assistant in Chattanooga:
"Great job."
Keep plugging away and enjoy working with your patient and allowing them to increase strength and improving in strength and allow them to also be physically stronger in their day to day routine.

Physical Therapist Assistant in Fort Wayne:
Pros: Affordable benefits. PTO. Decent wage.
Cons: Challenging caseload. Scheduling.

Physical Therapist Assistant in Cleveland:
"Work hours given great flexibility, high stress level."
Pros: Excellent staff/co-workers in the therapy department and in most all other departments that team up to give quality patient care to each client we serviced.
Cons: The emphasis on 90% work productive, standard, made the job stressful.

Physical Therapist Assistant in Colonia:
"Stress levels, heavy lifting."
You do many same job responsibities making less money than a physical therapist, there is a lot of heavy lifting with patients.

Physical Therapist Assistant in Oconomowoc:
"Work Place."
Pros: Not stressful. People are nice. It's in a nice city. Get to wear scrubs. Flexible hours.
Cons: Bad Commute. No benefits. No reviews. Constant turnover with employees. No Physical Therapist on site to instruct or guide co workers. Paychecks are inaccurate.

Physical Therapist Assistant in The Dalles:
"Be prepared."
This is a rewarding profession, however it requires a great deal of patience. You listen to people complain about their pain all day long, and you are expected to fix their pain. It is rewarding when you do, but frustrating when you don't.