Porter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Porter?

Porter in New York, New York:
Pros: Convenient
Cons: Train delays

Porter in New York:
Pros: Doing maintenance.
Cons: Cold trash compactor room.

Porter in New York:
"Money makes the world go round."
Make sure you work for some one who gives raises. Cleaning is a daunting task!

Porter in Orlando:
"It has its ups and downs."
Pros: Metting all kinds of people and enjoying the rain and cloudy days with a nice breeze.
Cons: When the temperature get to above 85 high humidity and having to work outside when the sun is strong all day.

Porter in Auburn Hills:
Pros: I love working with cars and learning anything about them that I can.
Cons: Unprofessional atmosphere, management that doesn't manage properly,

Porter in Queens:
Work hard and intelligently.