Practice Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Practice Administrator?

Practice Administrator in Bedford:
"We are family."
Pros: The relationships
Cons: The travel to other offices/meetings

Practice Administrator in New Brunswick:
Pros: Rewarding
Cons: Unappreciative staff

Practice Administrator in Vancouver:
"I love working in Vancouver. The traffic, taxes, and weather are the best!"
Pros: The people

Practice Administrator in Philadelphia:
"Take Initiative."
Administrative staff who support physicians takes a certain personality, work ethic and mindset. This is something you cannot train someone to do but more of a personality trait. A structured day can be obsolete a person needs to be flexible and a quick thinking; working under pressure is a plus. It's important to communicate expectations from both sides and assess the divisions needs on a regular basis or until everyone is comfortable with the work.

Practice Administrator in Youngstown:
Anticipate questions before presenting anything. Admit when you are wrong. Ask for help. Be a leader by pitching in when ever needed. Learn to delegate fairly. Place people into jobs they are suited for. Learn something new from your staff every day.

Practice Administrator in West Palm Beach:
"Excellent Practice."
Pros: Balance of Home and Work - work is rewarding.
Cons: Pay scale is too low, problem employees.