President and CEO Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a President and CEO?

President and CEO in Davenport:
"A lot of experience."
Pros: Income taxes performed reasonable.
Cons: Over worked at the end of tax season.

President and CEO in San Diego:
"San Diego is Awesome."
Pros: Best place on earth!
Cons: Could grow a lot more.

President and CEO in Ponca City:
Pros: Small town.
Cons: Small town. Lack of additional opportunities.

President and CEO in Fort Collins:
Pros: Weather. Smaller Town. Easy to travel through. Outdoor activities. Fitness opportunities.
Cons: Cost of Housing. Cost of Living. Wages weak in comparision.

President and CEO in Los Angeles:
"Marketing experience."
Create relative networking relationships.

President and CEO in Indianapolis:
"Awesome pay rate; limited hours."
Pros: Awesome pay rate.
Cons: Limited available work for compensation.