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The average pay for a Principal Software Engineer with Model-view-controller (MVC) skills is $120,030 per year.

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MEDIAN $120,030

Job Description for Principal Software Engineer

Principal software engineers are in charge of most of the technical aspects of an organization's projects. You could consider them to be architects of sorts given the vast scope of work they do on a regular basis. Their primary function is being able to scale projects efficiently while maximizing performance and minimizing costs. They can also oversee development teams and coordinate strategies to make sure the technologies are interconnected and product lines are working smoothly. Most of the time, principal software engineers work on making sure standards are being followed when it comes to design, application requirements and proper maintenance. They also evaluate systems and networks to ensure all procedures are running correctly. A high degree of mathematics and engineering knowledge is needed to manage large scale business tasks. Principal software engineers use a computer (or computers) due to the complex data they process when making calculations and modifying strategy plans. The majority of their work is done indoors, with the exception being when they need to modify hardware controls and settings outdoors. As stated earlier, while principal software engineers supervise programmers and designers among other professionals to finish a project on time, they also have to respond to the IT managers in a given organization. It is essential that principal software engineers be proficient at building websites, troubleshooting code and improving the performance of existing programs. They also need to be excellent team players and able to handle stress well in addition to having an extensive knowledge of several programming languages. A bachelor's degree in computer science is usually the minimum educational requirement needed to become a principal software engineer, although a (CSDP) Certified Software Development Professional certification along with hands-on experience in a previous position is generally preferred. (Copyright 2018 PayScale.com)

Principal Software Engineer Tasks

  • Design, develop, integrate, test and deploy company's software.
  • Execute product specification, system design, development and system integration.
  • Develop new product concepts and development, deliver product prototypes.
  • Conduct new technology research, concept specification and design of individual software components.
  • Participate in product and program collaboration.

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Principal Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Principal Software Engineer at Motorola, Inc.?

Principal Software Engineer in Chicago:
Pros: Good people. Strong engineering culture.
Cons: Long slow downward spiral over the last several years. Increasing amount of work is moving to eastern Europe.

Principal Software Engineer in Santa Clara:
"Family Life is important."
Don't forget enjoying your family life and being thankful to the Almighty among all the races to excel, pseudo stress builders to be the best, stress to prove yourself to be the right always. Learn to ignore others' mistakes. Give your family importance over your work. WORK NEVER ENDS.

Principal Software Engineer in Boston:
"Stay away."
Pros: Flexible hours. Telecommuting. Challenging work.
Cons: Highly autocratic, top-down management. Extremely bureaucratic. Extremely cumbersome development processes. Constant change in priorities.

Principal Software Engineer in Redmond:
Pros: Work on challenging projects that change the world.
Cons: Managing expectations can be difficult.

Principal Software Engineer in Bedford:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Work flexibility.
Cons: Compensation.

Principal Software Engineer in San Francisco:
"Learn to be a team player and also a leader at the same time."
Learn to be a team player and also a leader at the same time.

Principal Software Engineer in Dallas:
"How Is As Important As What You Do."
Success at Intuit requires senior technologists to have strong soft skills, and how you do your job is just as important as what you accomplish.

Key Stats for Principal Software Engineer

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10-19 years
20 years or more

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5-9 years
10-19 years
20 years or more

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Medical: 100%
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Dental: 100%
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Vision: 100%
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