Process Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Process Engineer?

Process Engineer in Matthews:
"Great work, Low pay."
Pros: It is hands off, great work, and a lot of improvements to be made. It is easy to make a difference right away.
Cons: Low pay, benefits are great, and after being there for a longer time, management tends to micromanage.

Process Engineer in Rifle:
Pros: Why do they do this to me? I just want a simple answer without telling you what color my dog in 5th grade was.
Cons: I hate having to research me salary on this site that counts how many characters I type, like I'm in elementary.

Process Engineer in College Park:
"Nice place to work, needs more employees."
Pros: My bosses.
Cons: Long hours somedays, yet hours can be boring and tasks can be mundane.

Process Engineer in Los Angeles:
"Great Coworkers."
Pros: My coworkers are the best part about the Carson refinery. If you have a problem and ask for help people will stop what they are doing to give you a hand. They're also respectful and fun to talk to. The employees also really try to help develop each other and will organize skill building workshops in addition to informal mentoring. People genuinely want to work with each other for the next twenty years and there is very very little backstabbing. People tend to be open and direct. Pay is better than most industries and 401k match is great. 6% match with an annual bonus kicker of 1-4% of salary depending on company performance. Defined contribution pension is nice to have considering most companies axed all pension benefits long ago. Most managers are good bu you'll run across some that are attention seekers and dont know when certain types of joking aren't appropriate.
Cons: Education reimbursement isn't great, 9k/year, and is low compared to other oil companies. Pension is much much lower than peers. 4% per year contribution at Tesoro vs. 7-11% per year for competitors. It's good compared to most other industries/employers but it would be nice if the company strived to be a top tier employer for the industry instead of middle of the pack.

Process Engineer in Chesterfield:
"Persevering Today To Be An Engineer Tomorrow."
Pros: Flexible for opportunity, vast areas to develop knowledge in, challenging.
Cons: Culture, stress level, lack of senior level experience.