Process Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Process Engineer?

Process Engineer in Bridgewater, New Jersey:
Pros: Small/medium highway access, safe area, close to most modern amenities
Cons: No public transportation, traffic

Process Engineer in Mebane, North Carolina:
"Good opportunity for growth, if properly focused."
Pros: The community is growing, lots of opportunity for future development here.
Cons: The traffic and construction is annoying, and there really isn't much around here for eating lunch or happy hour. I wish there were more cafe style places here.

Process Engineer in Hampton, Virginia:
"Hard Work Could pay off."
Pros: The team is very pragmatic and down to earth. Willing to get the job done safely and correctly without compromising quality.
Cons: Management is very closed and not very transparent. Decisions that are flowed down are questionable and without consensus which causes frustration among the employees.

Process Engineer in Hillman:
"Near Home."
Pros: Near current home and in the country.
Cons: Rural.

Process Engineer in Lincoln:
Pros: The commute is good. I am always traveling in the opposite direction to major traffic.
Cons: There are limited restaurants and shops in Lincoln. I have to travel to Pell City for the nearest decent shopping.

Process Engineer in Jeanerette:
"Trouble shooting, Optimizing, Engineer design, project manag."
Pros: The people and the open nature of the work.
Cons: The hours, there is a lot of overtime required in this job.

Process Engineer in Philadelphia:
"Philadelphia is a great city."
Pros: Always things to do. Great culture, good pop up bars, good food scene. Cost of living is not too expesive.
Cons: Public transport options could be better. Uber/ lyft are available though. Some areas not safe.