Procurement Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Procurement Specialist?

Procurement Specialist in Baltimore, Maryland:
"Hard Work."
Pros: Nice People
Cons: They are always destroying the streets and blocking traffic. When will they be finished with the street work.

Procurement Specialist:
Many opportunities to move within the company to gain experience and advance your career. I have felt very supported by my peers and boss! Compensation is fair. The culture promotes self-starters for sure!

Procurement Specialist:
I love working at Cameron Schlumberger. Great people and excellent benefits. Excellent pay. Wonderful management and work atmosphere is very supportive. Very team oriented. High employee morale. Wonderful!

Procurement Specialist in Chicago:
"Not Terrible/Not Great."
Pros: I love that this is a big city and you can get anywhere you'd like on public transportation. There are opportunities you just have to find them.
Cons: This city is corrupt and you have to know someone to get on a lot of them time. The cost of living compared to how much you actually make does not make. Inflation does not seem to be working well here. Everything is going up except the pay. Granted Chicago is very fortunate with the minimum wage but it's still not enough. Illinois is also an at will state meaning you can get fired here with no explanation or reasoning why and a lot of employers are racist. We also have a huge illegal immigrant issue here and they are bringing wages down.