Produce Clerk (Grocery) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Produce Clerk (Grocery)?

Produce Clerk (Grocery) in Lynchburg, Virginia:
Pros: the cost of living is low so you feel like you make more than you do.
Cons: pay is lower

Produce Clerk (Grocery) in Benton, Arkansas:
"Its is great but 8.75 dont cut it if I give kroger way more than 8.75 an hour."
Pros: When i clock out to go home
Cons: The pay

Produce Clerk (Grocery) in Federal Way:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Customer Service in Spanish.
Cons: No training to start job.

Produce Clerk (Grocery) in Augusta:
"Augusta is a nice place to work."
Pros: Working in augusta is like working at home . Very cool relax you get to meet people talk to people. Visit really nice. That why I like working in augusta.i am a people person.
Cons: I don't have a car so it take me a long time to get around on the bus . I am try hard to get a car, but I need to find a job that I can get forty hours a week.

Produce Clerk (Grocery) in Galloway:
"Want something more challenging."
Pros: That I prepare my department for good service.
Cons: To many chiefs.

Produce Clerk (Grocery) in Virginia Beach:
Pros: Benufits and customer.
Cons: Do not know.