Product Development Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Product Development Manager?

Product Development Manager:
Tangoe has been purchased by an institutional investor- Marlin Capital Partners. There have been multiple cutbacks and layoffs over the past year. Chances are very good that you will not receive any pay raises or promotions if you go to work there.

Product Development Manager in Bingham Farms, Michigan:
"Crazy Good."
Pros: The pace is great, never bored always something new going on great support system and great people
Cons: nothing I don't like

Product Development Manager in Saint Petersburg:
Pros: Good people, teamwork focus
Cons: Summer humidity

Product Development Manager in Phoenix:
Pros: My job is just a laundry list of puzzles to solves. Fortunately, I do well in solving puzzles and enjoy it very much. Every day, something new is happening and it always keeps me on my feet. Managing on a program level allows me a highly accelerated method of learning how the company works on a large scale.
Cons: It is very stressful and there isn't a second to relax your brain. By the time the day is over, I am just mentally exhausted. This makes it difficult to push on with PMP certifications and pursuing my degree.