Production Manager, Print Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Manager, Print?

Production Manager, Print in New York:
"New York is the best city in the world."
Pros: Every thing is in New York, such a wide range of experiences and cultures to be exposed to.
Cons: It can be crowded and a bit congested traveling in New York, it is a very fast paced atmospere.

Production Manager, Print in Portland:
"Stressfulm but rewarding."
Pros: I like the challenge each day brings for both problem-solving and designing the signs themselves.
Cons: There isn;t a whole lot I dislike right now about the job.

Production Manager, Print in Los Angeles:
"Good trumps bad."
Pros: I need to work in a big city to be at good agencies that pay well. Smaller towns do not have the same3 advantages and opportunities for growth.
Cons: The traffic is horrible. Things are far away and you have to drive a lot due to lack of mass transportation.

Production Manager, Print in Brea:
Manage all documentation. Keep track of ALL monthly operations and special requirements. Prove worth.

Production Manager, Print in Huntington Beach:
Know how to quickly produce orders without rushing.

Production Manager, Print in Newbury Park:
Pros: Flexibility, enjoy the people I work with, feel confident in what I do.
Cons: Stressful, overwhelming, lack of urgency.

Production Manager, Print in Washington:
Listen, and take advice from current employees in certain situations.