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The average pay for a Program Project Manager with Team Leadership skills is {{pay}} per hour.

The average pay for a Program Project Manager with Team Leadership skills is $136,000 per year.

MEDIAN $136,000

Job Description for Program Project Manager

The program project manager is a title held by higher-level staff in various industries, although the title is most commonly found in the finance and information technology sectors. Depending on the field a manager is in, the title is usually an appointment for a project that has a specific time limit. However, these managers are usually always presiding over consecutive projects, so when one ends, they will begin working on another; for example, the program project manager could constantly work in software development in developing new products and updating products.


Program Project Manager Tasks

  • Work with all stakeholders to articulate do-able goals, requirements, and schedule.
  • Design, facilitate, and deploy internal and external initiatives to increase visibility or revenue.
  • Create, share, and update project plans and communicate status to clients and management.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical, vendor, and personnel issues with respect to timelines.

Program Project Manager Job Listings

Cisco Systems Inc Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Program Project Manager?

Program Project Manager in Dallas:
Pros: My team. We all work really well together and we have two amazing bosses. My Senior Director really values his employees and goes well above and beyond what most bosses do for their employees.
Cons: The long hours that are sometimes required. The tediousness of not having a centralized CRM type system that would streamline and greatly improve the productivity of our group.

Program Project Manager in Willowbrook:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: The growth opportunities.
Cons: Not getting a review or raise after my anniversary.

Program Project Manager in Boston:
"Project management."
The most important skill needed are people skills because you have to have the ability to get people to do work for you who do not report to you.

Program Project Manager in Aberdeen:
Take on any assignments given and seek additional ones for added responsibility.

Program Project Manager in Minneapolis:
"Communicate, Communicate, Communicate."
There is no such thing as over-communication. Keeping all project and program stakeholders updated on key components is extremely critical to being a successful Program and Project Manager.

Program Project Manager in New York:
Pros: Strategic thinking, critical analysis, understanding scope of work.
Cons: High maintenence users, long work days, and overload work in allotted time frame.

Program Project Manager in Boulder:
"Negotiate First."
Negotiate your salary first, as well as performance metric based bonus that can be measured. If you do not negotiate well, bonus will be based on nebulous terms.

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20 years or more


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50 %

Common Health Benefits

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Medical: 100%
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Dental: 100%
vision benefits
Vision: 60%
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