Programmer Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Programmer Analyst?

Programmer Analyst in Neenah:
"Quiet and low cost of living."
Pros: I like how accessible my workplace is from home in Appleton and downtown has plenty of places to eat and hang out after work. Being near a nice walking/biking trail is a plus.
Cons: Nowhere near as busy as a larger city would be. I'm from New York originally, so take that with a grain of salt.

Programmer Analyst in Little Rock:
"Great place to work."
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Less technical jobs available than some cities

Programmer Analyst in Andover:
Pros: short commute

Programmer Analyst in Frederick:
"I like the stay here. It is comfortable."
Pros: Food, commute, cost of living hand traffic have been good.

Programmer Analyst in Winston-Salem:
"Good company with less pay."
Pros: Indian pay as laterals is good but I am not sure how it is as a fresher. Managers are sometimes good and listen to you and try to find a solution.
Cons: Increase onsite pay atleast by $20000 so that people won't leave the company.

Programmer Analyst in Madison:
"Low pay in later years."
Do not work at the state.