Project Architect Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Architect?

Project Architect in Salt Lake City, Utah:
"Pay is Okay, but a stable job."
Pros: I like that its pretty close to home, but the area we are in isn't close to many amenities
Cons: Isolated area makes mass transit difficult.

Project Architect in Tahoe City, California:
"Live and work in ski town."
Pros: surrounded by natural beauty, small friendly town, skiing
Cons: limitations on types of projects, cost of living

Project Architect in Fayetteville:
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Low pay

Project Architect in Seattle:
"Good, Rainy."
Pros: Great city for foodies, lots to do. Love being close to nature.
Cons: Cost of living is high. Traffic is bad.

Project Architect in Washington:
"Very exciting."
Pros: Business in the city.
Cons: Too busy.

Project Architect in Irvine:
"A job for people who are passionate and committed."
To be successful you need to love what you do. Architecture is not for the faint of heart. It is a demanding profession, requiring long hours and late nights, incredible amounts of stress and constant deadlines. It is for the type of person who obsesses over getting details right, and is committed to seeing a project through to completion against all odds and immense obstacles. Don't do it for the money - you will likely be disappointed.

Project Architect in Washington:
"Words to live by."
Pay close attention to detail. Understand the scope of work. Communication and professionalism is key.