Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General)?

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Seattle:
"Fast paced, physically/mentally demanding."
Pros: Self supervising (on-site), weekends off, good support team, work is generally interesting and diverse, good work for highly structured & well organized, goal-driven people.
Cons: Excessive hours (50/week) with no overtime pay, corporate mentality, no union protection, physically & mentally demanding work, very fast paced where taking a break results in missed opportunities and more work, goal-driven with ever-increasing goals & responsibilities. Not family-friendly hours (afternoons/nights). Antiquated/strong-arm management styles, backed with constant threats of termination. Salary is not in line with hours worked, monetary results, comparable experience/skills and urban cost of living.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Asheville:
"Busy, high volume phones, customer srrvice."
Pros: The people, being busy ,customer relations, getting things done, marketing, some billing.
Cons: There isn't really anything I dislike. Maybe the color of the walls that s about it really.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Cedar Falls:
"Travel, Work itself."
Pros: Traveling, and well as the projects I'm able to work on.
Cons: A lot of hours without just compinsation.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Atlanta:
"Fulfilling when working with candidates."
Pros: Coordinating position interest of prospective candidates and doing research on companies.
Cons: Hard to transition into an associate role.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Houston:
"Loving it!!"
Pros: My boss allows us to work in a laissez faire environment. He trusts me to direct administrative support and allows me the opportunity to grow under his wing. I love being able to work independently!
Cons: Well the 8 hour wait to go home isn't fun, but gotta make a living somehow!

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in La Jolla:
"A Great Learning Experience."
Pros: -Meeting new people and networking. -Managing the website contributors and editing their work. -Being involved in meetings about the future of the company. -Getting to assist in planning, working, and attending events. -Learning about how to properly conduct marketing strategies for different products and other companies.
Cons: -Under appreciated. -No pay. -Paying for parking at the office. -More organized procedures and policies within the company.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Boston:
Pros: Good culture we all know each other and are always willing to help one another. Good opportunity to advance within. Good communication with management. You can walk into anyone's office and have constructive conversations. Can work from home if something comes up or if ever needed. Standard 40 hours a week. Always busy, fast paced and always something to do.
Cons: Sometimes there can be a lack of knowledge between upper management and the front lines. Benefits are average.