Project Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Engineer?

Project Engineer in San Francisco:
"How I feel."
Pros: Easy walks to work. Great office location. Great people in the city and opportunity to network with other engineers and learn.

Project Engineer in White Plains:
Pros: White Plains is easily accessible for commuting.
Cons: White Plains is an expensive place to live.

Project Engineer in Rockford:
"PE summary."
Learn as much as you can.

Project Engineer in Seattle:
Pros: I like the type of work I do with satellite engines.
Cons: I dislike the tools we are given.

Project Engineer in Detroit:
"Alright atmosphere."
Pros: They keep you busy with work which I like. Before they weren't because they could see I didn't have confidence in myself. Helpful at times. Friendly.
Cons: No health benefits because I had said that I had health insurance. Must work one year before vacation time. I feel like I'm getting a raw deal.

Project Engineer in Costa Mesa:
"Project Engineer."
Pros: Planing projects and troubleshooting projects before they even begin is really fun as you see your ideas come to life as you get closer to kick off day. Once the project is kicked off communicating with the team and delegating tasks is exciting for everyone because we get to do something big and make a difference for our clients. The troubleshooting after implementation is interesting too because you always learn how to make things better next time.
Cons: Critical yet nonconstructive feedback is the worst I know it's unavoidable some people will just loose their cool but I do my best to remain calm and be assertive and helpful showing everything is under control and we'll get through the issues until everything is resolved starting with the most important.

Project Engineer in Carpentersville:
"Maintain Order But Learn To Ride The Waves of Chaos."
Maintain diversified interest in technology because you do not know what the next project will be. Trust your team mates, but maintain communication for status updates. Maintain order but learn to ride the waves of chaos. A good Gantt chart, properly maintained, is all the status report most will need. Play your short game and quick fixes so that they still work towards your long game.