Project Manager, Construction Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Construction?

Project Manager, Construction in Los Angeles:
"Making the world a better place!"
Pros: What I enjoy the most is helping our clients receive lower electric bills while helping our environment at the same time. I enjoy speaking with them and updating them on the status of their installation. Helping installers and consultants schedule their week and figure out puzzles.
Cons: Sometimes, while working in this field there are certain things that are not in our control. Every case is different and unfortunately due to other companies processing our installation process takes a little longer.

Project Manager, Construction in Lubbock:
"The Good and the Ugly."
Pros: - That I directly impact the community in which I live. - The experience that it has provided.
Cons: - The pay. - Male dominated field.

Project Manager, Construction in Shelby Township:
"Very high paced , bottlenecked."
Pros: The broad spectrum of repairs to the home that I have to identify and the control to fix them.
Cons: Waiting for the property owners to fund the work.

Project Manager, Construction in Oklahoma City:
"Fast paced, high stress project management process."
Pros: Projects change on a regular basis. The job is not boring. The job keeps you busy and the days go by fast.
Cons: The lack of qualified individuals to perform their job. The lack of accountability towards individuals when they don't do their job. Too dependable on outside sources.

Project Manager, Construction in Kirkland:
Pros: Happy customers and taking a vacant lot and turning it into a home.
Cons: Bad industry culture, bad work life balance, long commute.

Project Manager, Construction in Seattle:
"Estimator and Project Manager."
Pros: Every project is different, managing multiple levels of people, and having a multi-faceted role; budgeting, negotiating, contract reading, estimating, blueprint reading, managing people/projects.
Cons: Stressful, working with uneducated field labor, contentious environment between general contractor and subcontractor.

Project Manager, Construction in Metairie:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: Location, people, benefits.
Cons: Pay, people, limited opportunities to advance.