Project Manager, Construction Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Construction?

Project Manager, Construction in Jessup:
"Construction Project Management Salary."
Pros: Work schedule flexibility, combination of field and office work, working with professionals, types of projects, experience gained.
Cons: Having to address and resolve problems on a regular basis that are out of my control, having to deal with difficult clients.

Project Manager, Construction in Oklahoma City:
"Be weary of choosing this job which requires eng. Degree."
Make sure you are getting paid what you deserve. You need a degree in engineering to have this management job, yet will probably earn more as an engineer.

Project Manager, Construction in Atlanta:
"No life."
Don't have a family and make sure it's worthwhile, financially.

Project Manager, Construction in Naples:
"Self empkoyed."
Try to work for yourself, the sooner the better.

Project Manager, Construction in Grangeville:
"If you are not improving your the problem."
There are so many processes that are in desperate need of improvement within the construction industry. The tools are there to reduce costly delays and changes on projects, they are just not being properly used. Too many of the lessons learned are not being looked at and incorporated into the system of construction for major work. The tide is turning, but there is a long way to go and there is plenty of room for motivated talent to grow and be part of significant improvements in the near future of this industry.

Project Manager, Construction in Springfield:
"Not take on unrealistic workload."
Once you start doing more work than you should- you are expected to continue and you have no one to blame other than yourself. Strive for work-life balance and keep you attitude out of project management.

Project Manager, Construction in Hacienda Heights:
Pros: What we do makes other people's lives easier.
Cons: The problems that could of been prevented.