Project Manager, Construction Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Construction?

Project Manager, Construction in Hacienda Heights:
Pros: What we do makes other people's lives easier.
Cons: The problems that could of been prevented.

Project Manager, Construction in Lac Du Flambeau:
"YouthBuild , a job worth the monumental stress."
Pros: Working with the local youth, teaching construction skills.
Cons: Overcoming destructive habits. Teaching work ethic to young people that have never had time requirements.

Project Manager, Construction in Kenosha:
"Over worked under paid."
Pros: Freedom and nobody to answer to, I make the schedule and enjoy the flexibility.
Cons: I dont get paid overtime and I feel that I am very under paid for the work that I do.

Project Manager, Construction in Wheeling:
Pros: Office conditions, family environment.
Cons: Extremely Stressful, work doesn't ever end.

Project Manager, Construction in Iowa City:
Pros: Opportunities to tackle multiple projects and different responsibilities.
Cons: Dealing with poorly performing subcontractors and supplier, dealing with owners/construction managers, low pay for my responsibilities and job title, no sick days, small amount of vacation time, micromanaging by supervisor.

Project Manager, Construction in Logan:
"Busy And Rewarding."
Pros: I like participating in the process of solving problems and realizing what I can do to help. Communicating with the customer and developing a solution for their current problems is the most rewarding part of my job.
Cons: Unrealistic expectations are difficult to work with. Scheduling conflicts are very frustrating.

Project Manager, Construction in Pittsburgh:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: Weekends off, working 7-4, steady pay, co-workers.
Cons: High stress, slow slow slow computer systems, lack of training, odd management structure.