Project Manager, Construction Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Project Manager, Construction in Clarksville:
The most important indicators to success in Project Management in the Real Estate, Design and Construction Industry are communication and ownership of the project. If you are buying a house, you pay attention to all costs, the schedule, and quality of workmanship and you communicate with contractor building the house. Treat projects assigned to you in the same manner and you will find that by simply caring enough, the client will feel the love.

Project Manager, Construction in Austin:
Try to remember and learn as much as you can, from when you state off in this industry.

Project Manager, Construction in Austin:
"Do what you love."
If you love making something that people need - it can be rewarding.

Project Manager, Construction in Minneapolis:
Be able to multi-task and be sure to take the time to groom/train the people helping you.

Project Manager, Construction in Los Angeles:
"Stress levels."
Get Proper Certification and take courses at a University.

Project Manager, Construction in Akron:
"Communication and expectations."
The basis of this job is setting clear expectations upfront and keeping constant communication going. Everything else is just small details. If you are able to set realistic and clear expectations upfront, and communicate along the way, even the biggest problems will be understood and will make your life a lot easier . Organizational skills and the ability to let things roll off of you are a must.

Project Manager, Construction in Portland:
"That my boss would not honor his promises."
Get it all in writing.