Project Manager, Construction Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Project Manager, Construction in Phoenix:
"Situational Awareness Pays."
No other industry allows such diversity in professional and personal growth and development. The door is open for any person willing to qualify him/herself by putting themselves out there and giving 100%. Limitations tend to be personality characteristics, flexibility, and willingness to learn plus a fair amount of in the right place at the right time with the appropriate qualifications and a degree of personal marketing.

Project Manager, Construction in Indianapolis:
"•Share your knowledge about the daily responsibilities, care."
Never assume you know anything, always be willing to learn from others in the field and managers. Time management is essential and if you don't have thick skin, this is not the industry for you.

Project Manager, Construction in Lac Du Flambeau:
"YouthBuild , a job worth the monumental stress."
Pros: Working with the local youth, teaching construction skills.
Cons: Overcoming destructive habits. Teaching work ethic to young people that have never had time requirements.

Project Manager, Construction in Kenosha:
"Over worked under paid."
Pros: Freedom and nobody to answer to, I make the schedule and enjoy the flexibility.
Cons: I dont get paid overtime and I feel that I am very under paid for the work that I do.

Project Manager, Construction in Roanoke:
"Keys to sucess."
Serve God, Learn people, get organized and stay organized.

Project Manager, Construction in Wheeling:
Pros: Office conditions, family environment.
Cons: Extremely Stressful, work doesn't ever end.

Project Manager, Construction in Iowa City:
Pros: Opportunities to tackle multiple projects and different responsibilities.
Cons: Dealing with poorly performing subcontractors and supplier, dealing with owners/construction managers, low pay for my responsibilities and job title, no sick days, small amount of vacation time, micromanaging by supervisor.