Project Manager, Construction Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Construction at The Whiting- Turner Contracting Company?

Project Manager, Construction in Baltimore:
"Overall Good Place to be."
Pros: Great Structure. I love the opportunity and encouragement to create your own operating group.
Cons: Benefits are extremely long term. Pay scale is not great.

Project Manager, Construction in Philadelphia:
Pros: I love the versatility of working on multiple projects.
Cons: Permitting process is very stressful.

Project Manager, Construction in Mississauga:
Pros: Its challenge and completion of the project. End result.
Cons: Office politics.

Project Manager, Construction in Hazlet:
Write everything down. When I was young and in school, I thought I could remember everything. Turns out you only remember stuff after taking notes and then reviewing them later. Turns out that is a really important part of your professional life that you need to continue.

Project Manager, Construction in Austin:
"Get Money."
Patience is good, but make sure your employer puts his money where he mouth is when it comes to seeing raises and promotions you've been promised. In my experience, if you don't help/force it along, it won't come to fruition on its own. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, I've learned that the hard way, since I am typically someone who prefers to appear grateful and quietly content. Meanwhile, those more verbal advance quicker.

Project Manager, Construction in Philadelphia:
Pros: Every project is different, building relationships.
Cons: Sressful.

Project Manager, Construction in Mashpee:
"Its a headache. Get out."
Go do something better. Seriously.