Project Manager, Marketing Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Marketing?

Project Manager, Marketing in Atlanta:
"I Love Project Management."
Pros: Interacting with clients, watching my work help the company grow, provide strategy for companies. I enjoy being able to work from home and unlimited time off.
Cons: Things change on the fly very often. Planning for creatives can be tricky.

Project Manager, Marketing in New York:
"Demanding and rewarding."
Pros: Challenging and educational workload. Exposure to high level executives, entertainment figures, artists, and professionals.
Cons: High stress level, limited personal time, long work hours.

Project Manager, Marketing in Dallas:
"Take ownership."
Understand your responsibilities and own them. Team members are executives, who you must led by you, the PM.

Project Manager, Marketing in Chicago:
Pros: Laid back atmosphere. The option to dress casual.
Cons: The overall pay is not enough for the amount of work that has to be done.

Project Manager, Marketing in Minneapolis:
"Juggling Projects can be stressful."
Pros: I love how much responsibility has been given to me this early in my career. I manage our marketing campaigns from start to finish on many of our promotions. Opportunities to take on bigger and better projects constantly are pushed my way.
Cons: While more responsibility has been thrown my way, no job responsibilities have ever left from my original Marketing Coordinator position. I was promoted to my new position last year but there was never a replacement hired for my old responsibilities meaning I am now in charge of both.

Project Manager, Marketing in Tampa:
"Meeting deadlines, recruiting medical professionals."
Pros: Different people that I meet.

Project Manager, Marketing in Atlanta:
"Negotiate early."
Negotiate your salary from the moment you are offered the job, you will constantly be trying to make up for that later if you don't do it now.