Property, Real Estate, or Community Association Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Property, Real Estate, or Community Association Manager?

Property, Real Estate, or Community Association Manager:
My issue with this company is it not open to change. It is so set in the ways of what it’s doing that finding something that would make their life easier (work smarter, not harder) is impossible for them. Not only that, the regional that I have barely communicates with me. When they do, it’s pure criticism. I have to hear everything second handedly. One of the regionals in the company is a best friend to a property manager and that’s fine, however it’s not fine when that regional doesn’t want to fire their best friend or drug test their best friend when they find out they are doing hard drugs. Instead confides in other managers and expects them to be ok. Donna Preiss doesn’t remember her employees and that’s fine, but weird because even at other companies, bugger ones they make an effort to remember their site team. There is no motivation to the site team just critimcismnwhen you don’t meet goals and that’s not ok. And they are all about making money, greed is not a good look. We have the hugest prices in the market and that looks bad, when the product doesn’t match the price. Hopefully, they dispel of greed and work on motivation and get rid of property managers that are doing crack and regionals that are ok with it. You have to hold your team to the same standard because if I started doing crack I would be fired.

Property, Real Estate, or Community Association Manager in Beaverton:
"Reasons to live in Beaverton."
Pros: I chose Beaverton because of the excellent school districts. I enjoy Beaverton because it is close to everything. I am less than 15 minutes away from Washington Square Mall. Downtown Portland is less than 30 minutes. The zoo is just off 26 West.
Cons: The traffic is horrible in Beaverton. I live off Scholls Ferry Rd. And it is always congested. Highway 217 is always a nightmare. Highway 26 is too.

Property, Real Estate, or Community Association Manager in Fresno:
"Starting out in Property Management."
When I first started out in property management, I wish I would have demanded more education in the laws (Civil Code) and financial planning for associations.