Property Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Property Manager?

Property Manager in Hoboken:
"More than I signed up for."
When I started my job, I was able to do things a certain way, as the company grew there was more and more work to do over the years, but the pay never increased and the extra perks got less and less as the years went on.

Property Manager in Newport News:
"Do's Dont's of a PM."
To be proactive. Double check. Complete checks and balances. Don't overthink. Effective communication. Be a leader. Don't be a boss.

Property Manager in Buffalo:
"The experience of being in the mix."
Pros: I am included in most conversations regarding business operations and goals. The responsibility I take on is generally much more than others, my age and experience, in my field. I have a flexible schedule and have been promised to be made partner in the future.
Cons: The pay is lousy. Often I feel that promises are made and never followed up on. Dealing with tenants can be stressful. I receive no bonuses, perks, overtime, or insurance from my employer.

Property Manager in Menlo Park:
"Work flexibility iscounted rent."
Cons: Tenants, negoiations and complaints.

Property Manager in Simi Valley:
"A Clear understanding."
I wish I knew the company that I'm working would get employees better pay. I feel I'm under paid for the amount of demanding tasks from my superiors.

Property Manager in Winder:
Pros: Flexibility and the fact that I am my own boss.
Cons: Environment. It's hard to collect rent and deal with uneducated residents.

Property Manager in Bremerton:
"I have made a awesome difference in everyone's lives."
Pros: Running a successful system and where everyone gets what they need. Making a difference and showing my worth.
Cons: Late night emergencies.