Psychiatric Nurse (RN) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Psychiatric Nurse (RN)?

Psychiatric Nurse (RN):
Battle Creek Veterans Medical center is very archaic. They hire managers with no psych experience and less than half the education of several of the nurses they are supposed to supervise. No respect for nurses there.

Psychiatric Nurse (RN) in Dallas:
"Satisfied but low pay."
Pros: Great coworkers.
Cons: Pay

Psychiatric Nurse (RN) in Binghamton:
"Long drive,"
Pros: Not much to say, I love the job,
Cons: The long drive, and the shift hours.

Psychiatric Nurse (RN) in Lander:
"Listen to other nurses but have your own strengths."
Be a sponge, other nurses want to help you. If you disagree, reason it out. They may have more knowledge than you or have a different approach. Nobody ever knows it all. Be compassionate and thorough, form great habits. Don't gossip.

Psychiatric Nurse (RN) in Portland:
"It is interesting and fulfilling work."
Pros: Working with them partients and seeing tithe " light" come back on in their eyes or watching them learn and apply new coping skills.
Cons: The driving all over every part of the city in our terrible traffic. Computer glitches which are very frequent. Lack of organization and cameraderie amoungst peers.