Purchaser Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Purchaser?

Purchaser in Rockville:
"Rockville is awesome my job is not."
Pros: The area is nice and clean, the people are friendly, everything is either in walking distance or a very short drive away. Great food and shopping all around. It's a very well to do area, so things are a little pricier than else where.
Cons: The traffic gets unbelievably heavy in the mornings before work, at lunch time and right after work.

Purchaser in York:
"Working in York is alright."
Pros: Not a super huge city
Cons: Distance from home

Purchaser in Elkhart:
"RV Business is very good."
Pros: It is close to my home.
Cons: The pay is not very good at most locations

Purchaser in San Diego:
"How much responsibilities I have."
To ask for all responsibilities that you have before accepting position and whats expected from you during your first 90 days of work.

Purchaser in Bowling Green:
"Not too big or small."
Pros: Community enjoys the college activities.
Cons: Wages seem to be on the low end.

Purchaser in San Diego:
Pros: Contact with customers.
Cons: Not having full control.