Quality Control (QC) Technician Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Quality Control (QC) Technician?

Quality Control (QC) Technician in Heath:
"Good pay, but very fast-paced."
Very good pay -- probably the highest salaries in the area. QC lab is very fast-paced. Two technicians to check product on 6 lines. Multiple steps required for each testing start-up. You feel like you are "almost caught up" every day. Very stressful. Working an off shift makes matters worse due to lack of support from senior lab leadership (they work days). Difficult to determine what it would take to excel -- business as usual with no real chance for relief of the situation in sight. Golden handcuffs applies here. You hate to leave the high pay, but you question if you can do this for an extended period.

Quality Control (QC) Technician in Columbiana:
"Competitive and new info learned daily. Quality is my goal."
Pros: I make a difference for the better for both my employer and myself. I also learn new knowledge and skills daily to help me excel at my duties with the most quality and efficiency possible that will also help me to advance in my field of expertise should I be offered an opportunity for advancement.
Cons: Long stressful hours because of poor scheduling management and have to forfeit all family and/or leisure time and have to stay late or come in early because of last minute schedule changes of product ship dates and times.

Quality Control (QC) Technician in Muskegon:
"Beverages on the floor."
Technical support.

Quality Control (QC) Technician in Wellford:
"Equal pay scale regardless of knowledge or time on job."
Be consistent, attentive.

Quality Control (QC) Technician in Charleston:
Pros: Working with a diverse group.
Cons: Low pay for type of work involved.

Quality Control (QC) Technician in Hollister:
Don't let the actions of others get you of you're path.

Quality Control (QC) Technician in Okemos:
Pros: Computer technology, solving problems, helping people, achieving suceess.
Cons: Advancement opportunity.