Quality Control Inspector Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Quality Control Inspector?

Quality Control Inspector in Los Angeles:
"You're everyone's bad guy. Thankless job."
Pros: Getting to use high-tech equipment. Learning, at least initially.
Cons: You get heat from everyone and must constantly defend yourself simply for doing your job. Vendors suggest you're incompetent when you reject their parts and you're suspected of incompetence internally if you let any bad ones pass, even when not given the resources to do good inspections. Manufacturing gets mad that you're holding up their supplies in any case.

Quality Control Inspector in Corona:
Pros: Alot of work 6 days a week great for overtime.
Cons: Pay.

Quality Control Inspector in Fenton:
Know what you are worth.

Quality Control Inspector in Harrison:
"Responsible of everything."
Pros: I feel like I'm the only person can handle that position with %100 effectively.
Cons: I dont like my current income. Its not even close to responsibility I have.

Quality Control Inspector in Brentwood:
Pros: Knowing that my job makes sure that the product can be safely used.
Cons: Lots of responsibilities and low pay.

Quality Control Inspector in Island Lake:
"I enjoy the work and my workmates."
Pros: Helping people understand how the quality and accuracy of their work is the most important thing.
Cons: Other employee's not doing their job in an appropriate amount of time.

Quality Control Inspector in San Jose:
Pros: Inspecting is a great way to learn how designs apply in the field and what steps are taken to ensure the design requirements are fulfilled according to different governing agencies and municipalities.
Cons: Repetition. The job requires that you witness the same process at different locations all over a job site.