Quality Control Inspector Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Quality Control Inspector?

Quality Control Inspector in Anaheim:
Pros: Its diversity, from chemical to mechanical to electrical components that used in conjunction with each other.
Cons: The one item that I dislike most would be the lack of organization, there is no set procedure whether there is a non conformance or error.

Quality Control Inspector in Lincoln:
"Inspecting, sorting, waiting."
Pros: Job changes frequently, as does job location. Most jobs are quick and simple in factory jobs. Waiting for something to do is a large part of most jobs. Being depended on to inssure the line gets the quality parts needed to build high quality models.
Cons: Having to get schedule for any day on that day, being an on call employee for temporary jobs. Having to stand around a great bit with nothing to do.

Quality Control Inspector in Denver:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: Low stress, free to inspect anywhere on the project, part of a team, everybody willing to help me learn new things to increase my knowledge in the company.
Cons: Lack of communication between discipline engineers/designers which creates quality issues on the project.