Receptionist Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Receptionist in Tampa:
Always be kind---you never know what another person is going through or been through.

Receptionist in Minneapolis:
"That they don't give regular raises."
Be friendly and always smile.

Receptionist in Houston:
"Extent of all duties included."
Be prepared to clean up behind your fellow co-workers.

Receptionist in Louisville:
"All the administrative duties."
Learn MS Excel and 10-key adding machine skills.

Receptionist in East Windsor:
"I wish I knew there was room to grow."
Try to get a college education or apply for an opening within the company.

Receptionist in Akron:
"Accurate position description."
Always look for new ways to improve self in position to be valuable to the company.

Receptionist in Dulles:
"How deadend this job is."
Use this position as short term stepping stone to a better position and employer.