Receptionist Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Receptionist in Philadelphia:
"Pace your self.. Dont take anything personal.."
You will become a adviser . People will look to you for having all the answers..

Receptionist in Lexington Park:
Always be professional - you are the first point of contact for everyone entering the building. Be aware that this is much more than just answering phones. Manage 8 conference rooms in 2 locations, various and numerous facilities management issues, Federal Express shipments, assisting the manager often and when needed, back-up to the manager, take minutes at numerous teleconference meetings and classes, verify visitors and assign appropriate temporary badges.

Receptionist in Somerset:
"Frequency of Salary increaseFully."
Fully get good basic training, maintain. High standard of productivity.

Receptionist in Jackson:
"No comment at this time."
Learn the names of the residents.

Receptionist in Norcross:
"How To Deal With Violent Or Narcissistic People."
I cannot share my options in my work with my boss. All employees must meet with their boss ahead of time and discuss "work subjects" or what is bothering them. When going to a meeting and your subject comes up don't say anything just let others try to make an input. I was always told to not talk period around men. Any thoughts let your boss know and keep any personal or business comments to oneself. I have also been told by business speakers to leave my job because ignoring the situation does not work.

Receptionist in Triangle:
"That It Is Stressful Working With Different Types Of People."
Ask for the higher salary and don't back down. Work only what your job description says, do not volunteer for anything.

Receptionist in Boston:
"Career path."
Make sure you find out if there is room for advancement.