Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care at Mercy Hospital?

Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:
"New grads invade."
Pros: Close to home and family. It is faith based
Cons: Distance to work poor roads. Constant changes to policy

Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care in Knoxville, Tennessee:
Pros: I have been an RN in Knoxville for 30 1/2 years -mostly doing pediatric critical care. I love having pediatrics in the city I live in.
Cons: pay rate

Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care in Columbus, Ohio:
"I love the city and pay is usually competitive living is just expensive."
Pros: Many opportunities
Cons: Cost of living

Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care in Los Angeles:
Pros: Weather, high quality work experience, compensation.
Cons: Commute, housing expense,

Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care in Anaheim:
"Great team work."
Pros: Close to home and good team work, they work on my schedules.
Cons: I got paid less compared to other hospital.

Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care in Macon:
"One year medical surgical experience before ICU."
Critical care nursing qualifications should include a minimum of 1 year med/surg training. You do not want to be a novice nurse learning the basic elements of nursing care on a critical patient who requires a higher level of critical thinking. Although there have been many of my colleagues who have successfully transitioned from a novice RN directly into critical care nursing, I personally feel med/surg experience before entering into the ICU proves to be more valuable. I went to the STICU (SURGICAL TRAUMA ICU) with 6 years med/surg and still found some parts of the transition challenging (in particular the ventilators). I even came from the step down trauma floor so I was some what familar with the type of patient care. The upside was having supportive colleagues who aided in me having a smooth transition from med/surg to critical care. Whatever your decision may be just remember nursing is a calling, a trust in YOU to make decisions whether good or bad that may change a life forever.

Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care in Lubbock:
Pros: Making a positive difference in the patient’s hospital experience and health outcome.
Cons: Vengeful, angry co-workers, stressful environment, patients that expect and demand a hotel experience from their hospital stay; unrealistic and unfair workloads.