Registered Nurse (RN) Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Registered Nurse (RN) in Richmond:
"Work independently."
Lots of charting, on call, work some weekends.

Registered Nurse (RN) in Exeter:
"Brush up on the relevent skills."
Ask for help when in doubt.

Registered Nurse (RN) in Charleston:
"OB Nurse."
Listen to seasoned nurses advice when starting out. They have (usually) years of experience to teach you. You will find your way eventually. Take your career day by day. Listen to the other nurses. Never be afraid to ask questions no matter how many years you have been a nurse. And if a patient asks you something and you don't know the answer, don't pretend to know. Go & find out for them. Breastfeeding techniques learned from lactation specialists. Taking care of newborn babies & mothers after birth both vaginal & c-section. Also take care of post-op patients who have had total abdominal & total lap hysterectomy, UAE, ectopic pregnancy, hyperemesis of pregnancy & other GYN surgeries.

Registered Nurse (RN) in Morristown:
"How much it would change."
Get your BSN or MSN , get hospital experience and move on to other areas,

Registered Nurse (RN) in Tomah:
"Time managent skills."
I find there is never enough time in the day to complete everything I feel is necessary. I remember from school, the instructors told us to do what you can early as possible as you never know what the day will bring. Remembering this has helped me. When I started, I listened, looked, and absorbed all that I could from my peers. I loved working with nurses that had been in practice for a while. I found them to wise and a fountain of information. Be open and friendly, be part of the team...really be part of the team for without your co-workers nursing can be difficult.

Registered Nurse (RN) in Frederick:
Learn to be flexible.

Registered Nurse (RN) in Newton:
Get advanced, post Bachelor degrees. Look at ALL the wonderful job opportunities available to nurses.