Reporter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Reporter?

Reporter in Sandusky, Michigan:
Pros: Small town
Cons: Too far from home

Reporter in Cleveland, Ohio:
"It’s Awesome."
Pros: It’s my hometown
Cons: N/a

There is no meritocracy in this company, and if you have the nerve to request your market value for your experience, position, and quantitative results backed by data, you will not get a raise. Instead, management and HR will gaslight you and put a target on your back. There is no recourse for any sort of issues here, and there are a LOT of issues at this company, from sexism to plain favoritism, and there has been a pretty big exodus on the digital team as a result. Still, don't expect any improvements, because nothing is ever management's fault ... According to management.

Reporter in Washington:
"The news business - it's changing all the time."
Get skilled in new media.

Reporter in Los Angeles:
"Great location."
Pros: Great location, diverse community.
Cons: Traffic, commute.

Reporter in Chelan:
Pros: I love being able to be in the loop about everything that happens in the Lake Chelan Valley. I am also the only reporter at the Newspaper, so it is gratifying to see the amount of work I produce on a weekly basis as my name is under almost 90 percent of all the articles we produce.
Cons: I don't feel like I am being fairly compensated for my work.