Research Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Research Analyst?

Research Analyst in Chicago:
Pros: Living near the lake, restaurants & bars.
Cons: Public transportation, cost of living.

Research Analyst in New York:
Pros: Putting together insights.
Cons: Salary.

Research Analyst in Springfield:
"Be prepared for sitting at a computer!!!!"
Pros: Generally: - Good pay. - Job security. - Moderate stress - low stress enviroments. - Dress code's usually flexiable.
Cons: - Boredom factor!!!!!!!! - Sitting all day. - Computer caused eye-strain.

Research Analyst in Chicago:
"Research Analyst."
Pros: Some people were nice. Got to work on a few interesting projects.
Cons: People are chained to their desk and unlikely to turn away from their computers. Management is inexperienced and lacking leadership skills. Turnover is incredibly high. Not much room to grow. Promotion criteria is uncertain. Tech is outdated and many jobs could be done by a small research firm.

Research Analyst in Houston:
Pros: - management is very respectful to all employees. - work/life balance is strongly encouraged.
Cons: - I am not paid relative to the high-demand skills I gained as an MIS major. - the industry does not appreciate the importance of technology.

Research Analyst in Washington:
"I enjoy it and It is hard work."
Pros: I work with many of the largest companies and have the best research tools to work with.
Cons: Stressful, high pressure and at times to fast paced to build out the insights.

Research Analyst in Overland Park:
"Great job, low pay."
Pros: Flexible, able to do different projects on different days. Tight knit team and good co-workers.
Cons: Low pay, I have many responsibilities and and am trusted with highly classified info, more so than what the pay scale would suggest.