Research Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Research Analyst?

Research Analyst in Chicago:
Pros: Assisting with executive search projects. Being in charge of the recruitment process for new data analyst.

Research Analyst in Honolulu:
Pros: I enjoy being able to learn all aspects of real estate and work with many different people in all areas of the business.
Cons: Management does not communicate to each other or me and the department which causes a lot of inefficiency and disconnect.

Research Analyst in Washington:
"Great Programs, Not So Great Perks."
Pros: Having the opportunity to work with amazing education-focused programs within the federal government that help underserved individuals achieve academic and workplace success.
Cons: Being part of a small firm means that all of the focus is on business development, and none on project quality. It's all about the "hunt," rather than serving and exceeding the expectations of existing clients.

Research Analyst in Brea:
"Salary search."
Pros: The drive.
Cons: Can't talk to them without fear of being fired.

Research Analyst in Washington:
Pros: Projects, small office, flexibility.
Cons: Bad human resources, no benefits.