Research Scientist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Research Scientist?

Research Scientist in Akron:
"Confortable, stable, stress-free."
Pros: No traffic issues
Cons: Gets Cold

Research Scientist in Yorktown Heights:
"Great job - lots of freedom - always learning."
Pros: interesting work and people
Cons: bureaucracy

Research Scientist:
It is a good place for research work. Overall, the culture, benefits, and management is good. But as a research scientist, the salary increases slowly. It is not easy to get a faculty position in our department.

Research Scientist:
IBM research is not the place to work if you plan to get rich. IBM pay is not competitive, and healthcare benefits are getting worse every year. In return to mediocre pay and benefits you will have the freedom to do cutting edge science including basic research. You will work among top scientists and your race or gender will not be a factor of how people treat you. In fact IBM research is truly an international lab and we value diversity. If all you care about is science then your place is with us at IBM. But if you need to "grow up" and start a family and be financially responsible, perhaps you should consider Google or the financial industry.

Research Scientist in Annapolis Junction:
Pros: Food trucks, parking and office space
Cons: commute

Research Scientist in Claremont:
Pros: Cute town with fun things to do
Cons: Too hot

Research Scientist in Dayton:
"Low cost of living, Low pay scale, Not cultural."
Pros: There are a lot of outdoors activities such as bicycling, kayaking, hiking available in the surrounding areas. The risk/pay has been good enough to keep me to stay.
Cons: It's s dying city that attracts people who are attracted to the low cost of living. But, the salaries are also low. In the end, you put aside less money each year and can get stuck here. Almost no cultural development. The mid-west is very conservative and people tend to like routines, rather than creative expression or innovation. Dayton is no exception to this. Housing is either fairly priced or overpriced, so the investment value of buying a home is not there. Everybody over 25 is married or not interested in it.