Retail Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Cashier?

Retail Cashier in Loveland:
"Idk bruh."
Pros: Employee discount. Nice office conditions. Diversity.
Cons: Work flexibility. Rude customers.

Retail Cashier in Arlington Heights:
"Okay..kind of pressuring."
Pros: I like to greet customers and make sure they are satisfied with their purchases. It's always important for me to give kindness because that's what important and crucial to me. My manager and a few coworkers were very nice and patient to teach me how to use the cash register and how to do all these different things a cashier should know.
Cons: Although I enjoyed using the computer, handling money, experiementing with different buttons, it was a pretty hectic, boring and stressful job all at once! There's good customers then you got the annoying ones that always try to find some way to ruin your day. Needless to say, I got sick of standing at my register (also to mention standing all day in the same spot), and having to do nothing else but ring up people's purchases. I figured I'd better move up to something where I could at least do multi-activities than to be bored and get payed under the average hourly salary for a part time worker.