Retail Store Assistant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Assistant Manager?

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Katy:
Pros: My whole team, my work and my work appreciation which motivates me to do my best.
Cons: Low pay as compared to the job dutie and responsibilities.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Oakbrook Terrace:
"Not quite the boss."
Pros: I love having the ability to get to know my sales associate, and someone above me to get in trouble when something goes wrong.
Cons: No ability to make big decisions in the store.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in St. Louis:
"Stress level."
Pros: I like helping people. I like interacting with people. I like to manage. However, I feel like I am not adequately compensated for the amount of responsibility that I have, therefore my current stress level is through the roof. I am undervalued and underpaid.
Cons: Underpaid.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Lynchburg:
Pros: Meeting people from. All over the world.
Cons: The pay.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Boston:
"Assistant manager to high end consignment boutique."
Pros: Customer service, fashion.
Cons: Consginors, corporate, disorganized.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Sauk Centre:
"Value of My Skills."
Pros: There is always something to do and a variety of changes going on to stay busy and not bored. Fun friendly atmosphere. The opportunity to use some creativity. To help make customers feel good. Leading a team and having fun together. Hours are decent. Being somewhat in charge and making crucial quick decisions.
Cons: Being micro-managed. Not utilizing my creative abilities more often. Working weekends. Not enough communication from store manager. No PTO or paid vacations. No Benefits. Very little opportunity to move up in company.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Monroe:
"Fast paced....tiresome and stressful a lot."
Pros: The Customers become very close to you....helps you resource out.
Cons: Many things change without any notice and the communication sucks. Can never get a day off!